Teal UA 2018

About a year ago, the first meeting of the Teal ua working group took place. We discussed the relevance of 'teal' practices, what we want to achieve in Ukraine and the first plans. Since then, we have used more than 60 meetings and phoned, sent thousands of messages in the chat and invested hundreds of hours in total. All this happened on volunteer bases, usually in the evenings or weekends.

In February, the first meetup took place, which was visited by about 100 people. After that, we organized another 9 meetups, mostly in kmbs, but also in the offices of Beetroot and Evo. Also worth noting 4 workshops – reading of Laloux book "Reinventing organizations" with Eugene Golub and on the 'Slicing the Pie' workshop with Mike Moyer. Most of these events were organized by Saya Zhaisanbayeva and Lada Kanevskaya (you rock!).

We've opened a facebook page (548 likes at the time of writing) and a group (252 members). During the year there were 112 posts, 952 comments and reactions. At some point we decided to make the group closed and asked people why they were joining. It was important for us to create a trustful atmosphere inside and also to understand the requests of the community. We were very happy whenever someone posted a question or useful information there =) That's what people wrote to us when joining

Thanks to Andrey Bas, we have developed 6 case studies of organizations that use teal practices. Check them out in our blog: https://medium.com/teal-ua (in Russian and Ukrainian).

It was a busy and interesting year, thanks to everybody who contributed and supported us.

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