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Public reporting is usually attributed to big public companies, like Apple or P&G, or charities. They use funds from wide communities and therefore become responsible to them. Something similar happens now in the blockchain space, as teams rely heavily on the community.

Being transparent helps a lot in building relationships and can help many smaller organizations (even outside of blockchain industry). This is a brief guide on transparency with the comments from industry leaders on the topic. Here we’ll try to review and advise on the transparency policy from the perspective of the founders of the community-driven projects and organizations.

Why important + motivation

A community can be a prime source of funding, adoption, advocacy etc. Building transparent relations with it is essential. Transparency provides the next benefits:

  • Provides trust, that decreases transactional costs

  • Adds discipline to track the path

  • Everybody is on the same page (understanding right > acting right)

  • Gets you feedback on improvement and support/recognition

Things you can make transparent

  • Strategy: vision, goals & metrics, priorities

  • Governance: org structure, roles descriptions, appointments

  • Financial: revenue & budget (e.g. quarterly)

  • Operations: KPIs, updates

How you do that: Tips & Examples

It can take a form of knowledge base folder, monthly article or chat channel (see Everything on the internet is the request for comment, so ask for feedback and comments. Overall you can start by adopting a minimal transparency policy and extending/changing it gradually as you learn. E.g. preparing a quality report can be time-consuming, starting with something simpler & less frequent is a more lean way to go.



Strategic Processes