Hello, I'm Max Semenchuk
Social entrepreneur, community builder, creator
Speak & Write on Topics of Decentralization, Holacracy, Coaching, DAO, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Management, UXUI. Used to work in several tech incubators, practice pro bono consulting. Masters of SME Management from KNEU, Kyiv. Worked more than 14 years in various positions in IT. Has a deep passion for extreme sports, coaching and travelling.
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My work

The ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

State Expert, Digital Economy Directorate, Virtual Assets Group
Global market of virtual assets (cryptocurrencies, game currencies and object, loyalty points) is growing exponentially. The cumulative market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was $237B in 2018.
In the parallel the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine states goals in the increasing the share of IT in the GDP and improving the accessibility of public digital services. Both goals can be achieved with the proper market regulation and stimulation. My work lies in the development of the team, strategy and the ecosystem.
Group goals by 2030:
  • Develop an attractive & competitive ecosystem for the crypto companies
  • Allow and support the launch of innovative products
  • Increase volume and the share of Ukraine in the global crypto market
  • Increase the tax revenue
  • Srategic Foresight – designing the process and leading participatory policy design sessions
  • Incubation – startup scouting, evaluation, workshops, matchmaking, prototyping & hypotheses validation to create more successful products in Ukraine
  • Education & Networkings – organized several events with speakers from ministry experts in organizational development, e-residence, AI etc.
Co-founder, Researcher, Community manager
Purpose: connect people to discover practices, implement technical solutions and create complex, scalable governance systems that create cohesion and allow people to flourish. Working tightly with network & community, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and academics.
  • Network Governance Research – collaborative research on Networks, Policy, Commons, Distributed Governance, DAOs, Smart Organizations, Digital cooperatives and overall digitalization of organizations. It contains technologies, case studies, frameworks etc. The purpose is to setup the base knowledge for the field, outline best practices and find the interoperability gaps.
  • #dgov Council – navigating complexity together: Shared intent, Shared attention, Shared resources. This is the place where we start the collaboration.
  • Commons Stack – opensource ****commons tech, solving the tragedy of the commons by realigning incentives
  • DAO Incubator – create more successful DAO pilots, through research, experiments and incubation

Impact UA

Impact UA ecosystem arose in response to the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine with the project  stopcovid ua. We bring together professionals from a variety of fields, government organizations, NGOs and businesses to fight crises and achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
We bring together an ecosystem of professionals from a variety of fields, government organizations, NGOs and businesses to fight crises and achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We create effective coordination between NGOs, the government and activists through an open organization where everyone can join and contribute.
  • We collect verified information about the situation in Ukraine and useful projects;
  • We strengthen human and organizational resources through unification and synergy;
  • We initiate and coordinate important projects.
Every day there is a strong collective activity aimed at existing challenges. We need quality coordination and signal collection to find effective solutions.
  • Teal UA – supporting companies with teal culture in Ukraine
  • BUIDL ua – blockchain engineers community
  • Reincubator – the incubator for the communities
  • Metacommunity – community for the community managers in Ukraine
  • TED x Action – a movement aimed at realizing and developing the TED community ideas
  • StopCovid – volunteer movement agains the pandemic
  • Agents of Digitalization – community for regional governmental and market specialists to support knowledge development and exchange
We believe in a world where young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change. Why? Our generation has inherited enormous global challenges, but by amplifying the voice of young people and self-organizing for impact, we believe that we can overcome inter-generational inequity and shape a better future for all
We make progress happen by empowering young leaders and building strong teams that are then capable of creating positive change in their communities and the world.
  • 2015 – joined
  • 2018 – elected as Vice-curator
  • 2019 – elected as Vice-curator
  • 2020 – elected as Curator (👉this year's strategy)

4IRE labs

Purpose: research & develop innovative it solutions in green finance, fintech and defi based on blockchain, ai and analytics. Inspired by the ideas of 4th Industrial Revolution, Self-organization, Radical Markets, Decentralized Finance, Open Value Networks, Design Thinking & Web3. Worked with various incubators and startup ecosystems around the world.
  • 2010 – cofounded with several partners as CEO
  • 2015 – entered the global market and received awards
  • 2017 – transitioned to blockchain market and adopted holacracy
  • 2020 – exit, the company works further
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  • Design sprint by AJ&Smart
  • Service Design Course by Andrey Milinevskiy (included field surveying in the bank branches)
  • UNDP Sustainable Goals in Ukraine by VUM
  • Complexity Thinking by Bhavesh Patel
  • TOP Facilitation by Natasha Karpova
  • Ecosystem Services by Coursera & University of Geneva
  • Gamification by Coursera & University of Pennsylvania
2007 – 2012 Kyiv National Economics University Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management
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