Hello, I'm Max Semenchuk

Combine org design, entrepreneurship, product and community management to care about @4irelabs, @dgovearth, @shaperskyiv, Teal UA, Buidl UA, @commonsstack.

Speak & Write on Topics of Decentralization, Holacracy, Coaching, DAO, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Management, UXUI. Used to work in several tech incubators, practice pro bono consulting. Masters of SME Management from KNEU, Kyiv. Worked more than 14 years in various positions in IT. Has a deep passion for extreme sports, coaching and travelling.

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  • Creativity

  • Curiosity

  • Love of learning

  • Gratitude

Socionics – Executive (ESTJ)


  • Extravert (energized by people)

  • Sensing (facts, ideas)

  • Thinking (logic & reason)

  • Judging (organized)

Values: Honesty, dedication and dignity

Human Design – Projector

  • Join by request

  • Avoid promises and vindication

Contact me: [email protected]

My work

Impact UA

Impact UA ecosystem arose in response to the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine with the project  stopcovid ua. We bring together professionals from a variety of fields, government organizations, NGOs and businesses to fight crises and achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Purpose: connect people to discover practices, implement technical solutions and create complex, scalable governance systems that create cohesion and allow people to flourish.


  • Commons Stack – build commons tech, changing tragedy of the commons into festival by realigning incentives

  • DAO Incubator – create more successful DAO pilots, through research, experiments and incubation


Teal UA

Purpose: supporting companies with teal culture in Ukraine

Purpose: drive local dialogue, action and change by building a global community of young people

4IRE labs

Purpose: develop the ideas of 4th Industrial Revolution, Self-organization, Radical Markets, Decentralized Finance, Open Value Networks, Design Thinking & Web3 through software development.


  • BUIDL ua